Matt Cassel Doesn’t Like Golden Showers

Matt CassellTotal Pro Sports – It seems as if Tampa Bay football fans don’t like New England Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel, as a fan attending a Super Bowl party urinated on his leg.  The drunk man decided to use Cassel’s leg as a urinal because Matt supposedly called out the drunk man for trying to skip the line for the bathroom.

What’s really confusing, is why would Matt Cassel be waiting in line for a public bathroom?  Last time I checked anyone who has any kind of celebrity status never shares public bathrooms.

The football star was in line for the bathroom at ESPN’s Tampa Bay Super Bowl bash Friday night when a drunken reveler tried to cut in front of him. “Matt told him to wait his turn and headed into the urinals,” a spy tells us. Moments later, the fella barged in and proceeded to purposefully pee directly on Cassel’s leg. After security tossed the drunk, Cassel headed back out into the crowd, wet pants and all.

It definitely would have been an interesting party to attend, Lil Wayne and Alyssa Milano were also in attendance.  The NY Daily News also reports that Milano’s assistants “frantically rushed to the front, telling waiting guests, “I’m so sorry. We work for Alyssa Milano, and she really needs a drink.”

Alyssa Milano has 2 assistants running around for her to get her drinks and Matt Cassel has to wait in line for the bathroom. Go Figure!!

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