Chris Bosh Wants Out Of Toronto?

Chris Bosh Wants Out Of Toronto?Total Pro Sports – Although the report has been denied by both Chris Bosh and Brian Colangelo it seems rather clear to Torontonians that it is inevitable. First Damon Stoudemire, then Marcus Camby, followed by Tracy McGrady, we will never forgive Vince Carter’s betrayal and now it is happening again.

What has management done wrong? Have we not surrounded him with enough talent? Paid him enough money? Appreciated his effort? Why can we not hold on to our best players?

We can argue these points on and on but we will never come to a conclusion, the fact remains that these players are heading for greener pastures. They want the ultimate goal, an NBA Championship. Toronto has shown in the past that they can win, the Atlantic Division Championship was evidence of it, however, they can hit their share of low points by following that division title with a first round exit.

This trade would be the lowest point in the organizations short history, not for the fact that the city loved Chris Bosh but vise versa, Chris Bosh loved the city more. Let us hope that this is just a rumor, and if it’s not, for the sake of Brian Colangelo, this team better get some great value for him, otherwise his era in Toronto may be remembered for this sour period.

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