Leryn Franco Can Throw My Javlin Anytime

Total Pro Sports- Meet Leryn Franco from Paraguay, she is an Olympic Javlin thrower, who has recently signed a contract with Nike.  She also is one of the best looking female athletes I have seen in a long time (sorry Venus Williams).

Apparently, Franco will be the face of a new Nike advertising campagin and clothing line. Much like Anna Kournikova, she is not the best in the world at her sport, but who cares?  Franco benefits from world class looks and should be making a large amount of cash or this. 

According to the newspaper ABC Color, Paraguay, Franco signed a contract with Nike to be the face of campaign advertising signature sportswear. “In February 2009, Nike launched the campaign in Europe as Leryn image, so that the Paraguayan is shown on all the brand stores and in magazines,” says the tabloid.

Good job Nike, great scouting.

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