Niklas Hagman Scores The Goal Of The Year

Total Pro Sports-  If you missed the highlights from the Toronto Maple Leafs and Florida Panthers games last night, then you didn`t see Niklas Hagman scoring one of the best goals ever.  The goal is good on its own, but it is what happens before which makes it even better.

Hagman gets knocked into the ref behind the net, as he is falling to the ground a Florida player knees him in the head.  After that the puck hits him directly in the face.  At this point he looks like he is trying to make his way to bench, but he manages to get the puck down low, deke out the goalie and tuck it in the far side of the net.  Check out the video, you won`t be disappointed.

I wonder what the Dallas Stars were thinking, when they decided not ot resign this guy and go after Sean Avery instead.  Don`t bet on Brett Hull being nammed GM of the year anytime soon.

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