GSP Camp Responds To Vaseline Controversy

GSPTotal Pro Sports – With the amount of interest being garnered by the UFC 94 GSP Vaseline Controversy, and with BJ Penn’s camp asking the Nevada State Athletic Commission to investigate the matter, GSP has finally spoken out.

“First of all what happened is Phil, he put Vaseline in my face, but then after he didn’t have the Vaseline,” said St. Pierre. “After he put Vaseline in my face, he didn’t put Vaseline in my back. That’s what people don’t understand. He put one hand on my chest and he made a circle behind my back. It helps my breathing.”

“It’s disrespectful, but B.J. is a winner,” St. Pierre said. “I understand a winner’s mentality. A winner’s mentality always tries to understand the reason why he lost. In B.J.’s case, he doesn’t do it in a good way. I understand that he tries to understand why he lost, but what he should’ve done instead of looking at things he doesn’t control he should’ve looked at himself in the mirror and asked himself what he should’ve done better to be more well-prepared for that fight to be able to beat Georges St. Pierre instead of looking at me and try to find excuses… B.J. right now is doing it all wrong and he’s not going to become a better fighter if he keeps acting like this.”

Weather the Vaseline was used intentionally or not is still up for investigation. When asked about a possible rematch with Penn, St. Pierre didnt shy away.

“Lets go do a rematch with B.J. Penn,” said St. Pierre. “We’re going to do it this summer. St. Pierre-Penn III — and this time we’ll wear a rash guard. I guarantee you the result will be the same or even worse for him.”

In all likelihood not much will come of this investigation. The NSAC official is seen wiping GSP down, and saw fit that he should continue to fight. I think GSP’s corner-man Phil Nurse should be fined, and put on probation as a corner-man as greasing is a serious offence. But with all the noise this story seems to be making, Dana White may not be able to look past the money that could be made in a third fight. The general public seems to be divided in their thinking of weather the Vaseline was an integral part to the outcome of the fight. So why the heck not…let’s see a rematch!

By the way I’m taking a pissed off GSP by TKO 3rd round.

Via: Sherdog

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