Larry Johnson Wants Out Of Kansas City

Larry JohnsonTotal Pro Sports – The Chiefs plans for the NFL draft may have taken a detour with the announcement that Larry Johnson wants out.

Johnson was on a sports talk radio show, 610 Sports Radio and said that he felt it was time that he and the Chiefs “break ties.” He also went on to state it would allow the Chiefs to find out “what they want, and I can try to go on and rebuild my career and find what I want.”

A spokesman for the Kansas City Chiefs that there was nothing that was said in the interview that was not said in December. Johnson’s career has taken a big hit over the last couple of years, this season alone Johnson missed four total games, 3 of which he was suspended by the team the other was an NFL suspension.
Johnson will be turning 30 this upcoming season and that is reaching the age for retirement in a running backs career. Personally, I think L.J still has a few solid years left in him and can be an effective player for another franchise.

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