Maybe Terry Glenn Was Looking For Michael Phelps?

Terry Glenn Mug ShotTotal Pro Sports-  The Associated Press has released some interesting details about the arrest of former Dallas Cowboys receiver Terry Glenn. Glenn was apprehended on January 25, at a Dallas area hotel, after he “appeared to be intoxicated and disoriented”.  In strange twist, TMZ is reporting that he may have been naked while all this was happening, where is Bill Parcells when you need him?

The “arrest came after a call of a suspicious person who was wandering the hallways checking door handles.”(Full Story)

After he was arrested the police found a small quantity of marijuana on him and charged him with a misdemeanor.  I bet that Glenn was looking for Michael Phelps, because now everybody knows about his cool bong.  You know they way athletes are, they love to hang out together.  I guess he assumed that Phelps was staying in the same hotel and he was simply trying to find him by process of elimination.

After a night of hard drinking all Terry wanted to was get into his, or anyone’s, hotel room and unwind with a nice fat joint.  You would think that in Dallas someone would recognize him and open their door, times have really changed.

Its too bad he never managed to get into a room safely before the cops arrived, I guess he really did lose his breakaway speed.

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