New England Patriots Play Tag With Matt Cassell

Matt CassellTotal Pro Sports-  It appears that the New England Patriots would like to make it a little more difficult for other NFL teams to sign QB Matt Cassell.  After a breakout season the Pats have placed the franchise tag on Cassell, meaning he will make almost 15 million next season.

Not bad for a guy who’s previous claim to fame was holding a clip board for Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer and for being urinated on at a Super Bowl party.

The Patriots appear set at the quarter back position for next season and now have the luxury of allowing Tom Brady all the time he needs to rehab his knee.  If Brady is able to return next season look for the Pats to unload Cassell by trading him to one of the many NFL teams who would love to have his services.  I think that there are many teams that could benefit for trading for this guy, as opposed to drafting a QB who might never pan out.  I think that his chances of staying in New England are slim because too many teams are in desperate need of a solid QB.

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