No Wonder Sumo Wrestlers Are So Big

WakakirinTotal Pro Sports-  Another day, another athlete gets busted for drug use.  Apparently, the evil drug known as marijuana, or weed as the kids call it, has infiltrated the ancient sport of Sumo wrestling.  A Japanese wrestler named Wakakirin, has been banished from the sport for life for testing positive.  This is the fourth time in the last 6 months that a wrestler has been kicked out the sport.

Even though he was kicked out Wakairin was offered some sort of severance package, which he inexplicably will not accept.

Wakkarin sent a letter to the Japan Sumo Association saying he would not accept the 5.29 million yen in severance. “I have caused the sumo association and the chairman great trouble with my betrayal,” Wakakirin wrote, according to the Daily Yomiuri. “I have no intention of accepting my retirement allowance.”(Full Story)

Maybe he was stoned at the time he sent the letter, because not accepting 5.29 million a year, is crazy talk.  It is being reported that since hearing the news Terry Glenn has sent a letter asking if he can receive the money.

I always thought that these athletes were freakishly big, and wondered the secret to their massive size.  Now, I understand, its weed which keeps them so large.  When you have the munchies Sushi is one of the best options, I can only imagine how much the average Sumo wrestler can eat.

In my opinion the people who run the sport need to get with the times and realize that smoking weed is not the biggest deal in the world.  The fact that someone can be kicked out of a sport for life for taking a little toke is ridiculous.  If that were the case in North America, half of the professional sports teams would be empty, not to mention what it would do to Politicians, but thats another story.

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