People In Glass Houses Should Not Stone Phelps

Michael Phelps Total Pro Sports- Hello TPS fans, Anders here, and I really got a bone to pick with the public outcry against Michael Phelps. Are you freakin’ kidding me?  This guy is getting a raw deal. Unfortunately we live in a world where people are used to getting there information, entertainment and other media at the click of a mouse (I guess I shouldn’t complain considering that I guess technically I am part of the media). Since the technology revolution began (and probably even before), the debate about public figures being role models has been ongoing. I feel qualified to write about this subject being a parent and a blogger, and I am going to back an opinion that probably isn’t too popular within my demographic.

A few days ago a photograph of Phelps taking a bong hit at a party became front page news (yes front page news, apparently there is nothing more pressing going on in this country than a kid with a bong). I have so many problems with this that I can’t possibly fit it into this blog, so I will stick with my original point. Did Phelps make a mistake? Yes. He got caught on camera doing something he shouldn’t have. That’s it, that’s the mistake! I am not going to sit here on my high horse and kill this kid for smoking pot at a party.

I have had a whole bunch of jobs in my professional life, and let me tell all of you a little secret: more people in this country smoke pot than don’t! That’s right! The cat is outta the bag! Shocking? Maybe but I gotta tell you it seems like no matter where I go, or work, or any group of people I meet, I find that the majority of these people smoke weed. Did Phelps commit a crime? Yes, but it’s only a crime because the government can’t figure out a way to profit from legalizing marijuana. That being said, get over it America !

I am so exhausted by the whole, ” he is a role model, he should know better ” chatter. It is not an athletes job to raise your children. It is the responsibility of the parents. Guess what? Kids are going to see things, they are going to be exposed to drugs and alcohol. If you want to point fingers at Phelps , that’s fine. However if you are going to rely on a 23 year old kid to teach your kids right from wrong , then you are not fit to be a parent. My son asked me the other night (he is 10) what was going on with Phelps. Why was he in trouble. I explained to him that Phelps smoked pot at a party (then had to proceed to explain what pot was), and someone took a picture of it and leaked it to the newspapers. I explained to him that it is something that is frowned upon, that it is considered a drug, that it is not something he should be doing. Now my son is not the biggest sports fan, but he likes Phelps , and asked me if he should still root for him. I told him that everybody makes mistakes whether they are in the public eye or not. I asked him that if his best friend made a mistake would he turn his back on him? His answer… no. He had his answer.

I am not condoning what Phelps did. I am no hypocrite though, and I am sure there are pictures out there of many of us that we wouldn’t want people to see. I understand the Olympic committee suspending him, I do. It is necessary. For all you other people ridiculing this kid, back off! People in glass houses should not throw stones, and I have yet to meet anyone in my life that doesn’t have at least a glass wall. Instead of complaining , take this opportunity to teach your kids about life, and talk to them about drugs, and be the role model you are supposed to be, instead of depending on some random athlete to do it for you.

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