Bryce Brown Considering The CFL Over NCAA

Bryce Brown Considering The CFL Over NCAATotal Pro Sports – The top rated High School running back in the nation Bryce Brown is considering signing with the Canadian Football League “CFL” over accepting a NCAA college football scholarship.  This is not a mistake his manager Brian Butler has laid out all possibilities to Brown and one of them is the CFL.

“if approached by a Canadian Football League team, he’d consider sending Brown there.  If they were talking about any amount of real money, I’d guarantee it,” Butler said of Brown potentially playing in the C.F.L. He mentioned a C.F.L. team paying Brown $5 million a year for three years.” Told Brian Butler to the NY Times.

This may be hard to believe for most CFL fans considering that teams in the CFL have a salary cap of $4.2 million and Brown’s agent is asking $5 million a season.

In my opionion this may be a great opportunity for the CFL to grow to that next level.  $5 million is definletley kind of steep price to pay one player and the only teams in the CFL that can afford to pay Brown that kind of money are the Toronto Argos and the BC Lions.

“We’re not playing around. I can promise you that. I’m not scared at all to do anything, and Bryce isn’t either. Hey, he’ll hurt your feelings. He’s not worried about your feelings. He’s worried about what’s right and what’s wrong.”

In this day and age anything is possible, will we see an American high schooler flock to the CFL? Only  time and money will tell.

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