Alex RodriguezTotal Pro Sports – My goodness, can Alex Rodriguez ever stay out of the spotlight? News out today in a story broken by SI.com is that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003.

You guys remember 2003? That was the year that baseball started randomly testing players to get a feel for whether or not steroids was a problem in their sport. If I remember correctly, if 5% of the players tested in that random focus group tested positive, then MLB would institute mandatory random drug testing in the sport. Well guess what? More than 5% tested positive (shocking), and because of that we now have a drug testing policy in Major League Baseball.

The names that tested positive for roids during that dry run of drug testing back in ’03, were never supposed to be made public. However it seems that even though that list of 104 drug cheats was to be destroyed, it wasn’t, and now slowly but surely is being leaked. Barry Bonds is rumored to be on that list  (surprise!), and it seems to be one of the major pieces of evidence that prosecutors will use against Bonds in his upcoming perjury trial. Today, we get a second name, maybe the biggest name in the sport, the man known as A-Rod. I , for the sake of the game, would pray that this is untrue, but Sports Illustrated did their homework. S.I. apparently has four unrevealed sources confirming that Rodriguez is on that list. Which leads me to believe that they are extremely confident that there accusations are factual.

I guess with all that has happened in the steroid era, there is not a name that should surprise anyone when it is linked to the juice. I have to say though while not surprised, I am very disappointed. I watched that night when A-Rod did his interview with Katie Couric. She flat out put him on the spot and asked if he had ever used performance enhancing drugs, or ever been tempted to use them. Alex said, “No”.

I am not a huge A-Rod fan, too much of a pri-Madonna for me (pun intended), but I really looked to this guy with his incredible talent, and God given gifts, to be the guy who would break the all time home run record and put all the debate about the Bonds/Aaron debacle to bed. Now he is just as tainted as everyone else. It doesn’t matter what he does now, his credibility is shot. He can pee in a cup everyday for the rest of his career and there will still be fans who question. He has tarnished his yet to be complete legacy. That makes me a little sad, not because I am a Rodriguez fan, but a fan of this game that has thrilled so many over many eras and generations.

All I can say is Joe Torre is somewhere appreciating the fact that A-Roid just took him and his tell all off the radar.

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