Deron Williams Crosses Over Jason Terry

Deron WilliamsTotal Pro Sports – If you missed the highlights from the Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz game on Thursday night, you missed one of the best crossovers in some time.

Deron Williams shacked and baked, and Jason Terry went stumbling down. Deron Williams had a fabulous game as he poured in 34 points, 5 rebounds and 12 assists, but the highlight of the night was definitely Williams’ left to right cross which embarrassed the veteran Terry.

The All-Star point guard has missed a lot of time with various injuries but when he is in the lineup, the Utah Jazz are one of the most feared teams in the Western Conference. Williams grew up in Dallas watching Jason Kidd run the point, little did he know that young basketball players are now growing up to idolize him. He has had some of his best games against the Mavericks.

If you have yet to see this video we recommend that you take a look at it, the crossover itself is not deadly but the result is absolutely amazing, take a look.

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