3 Way Trade Rumor: Bosh/Stoudemire/Prince

Amare StoudemireTotal Pro Sports – It has been rumored for some time now that Chris Bosh and Amare Stoudemire may be on their way out of their respective cities. In what would be a blockbuster move for both organizations, the word is a possible three way deal between the Raptors, Suns and Pistons.

It has been reported that the Raptors would send  to the Detroit Pistons, Tayshaun Prince would be sent to the Phoenix Suns and the Amare Stoudemire would head north to Toronto and join the Raptors. The trade makes sense from the Suns’ standpoint as it is clear that Amare Stoudemire is not happy playing a backup role to Shaq. Amare does become a free agent at the end of the 2010 season and the Suns have to make a decision to either build around him around him now or get some value in return for his departure.

The Raptors are in a similar situation with their superstar Chris Bosh, the All-Star forward has confirmedChris Bosh that he wants to stay in Toronto but his confirmation did not sound all that convincing. The Raptors may also lose Bosh to free agency in 2010, and may want to get some value in return for their investment.

The most peculiar name in the trade rumor is Tayshaun Prince, the lengthy small forward has been a model of consistency for the Detroit Pistons. He plays hard at both ends of the floor and brings a unique offensive game to the roster. He has the Tayshaun Princeability to score inside and out, his length is his strongest characteristic as it gives the opponent tough times.

In my opinion the trade will benefit the Detroit Pistons the most as they would acquire a young All-Star forward that is in the prime of his career. Bosh has developed into one of the leagues best power forwards with his ability to rebound and score from the inside and outside. The Pistons will not be happy to trade away one of their young stars but they may be hard-pressed to pass on the opportunity of picking up a player like Chris Bosh.

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