Chris Jericho Has Lost His Mind

Chris JerichoTotal Pro Sports- An interesting video has surfaced of WWE superstar Chris Jericho, punching a woman in the face.

Its not one of those fake wrestling punches either, its a real hay-maker.  In the video, it looks like Jericho is getting mobbed and heckled at time of the incident.  Apparently, this took place in Victoria, British Columbia, after a WWE event, as Chris was walking towards his vehicle.

The chick lunged at Jericho AGAIN, and this time Jericho actually punched the woman in the face, and shoved her to the ground. This stunned everyone, and the girl’s friends ended up jumping in trying to fight Jericho, to which he fought all of them off, then stormed into his vehicle swearing and sped off, running through a stop sign in the process.

Chris Jericho has always played the role of a jackass for the WWE, I guess he wasn’t acting after all.  You can actually here someone say “I didn’t know he was really an asshole”.  In his defense the girl appeared to push him first, but his retaliation was excessive.  I think that was the first “real” punch Jericho ever threw.

Via; Sports by Brooks

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