A-Fraud? The Saddening Truth

Alex RodriguezTotal Pro Sports – What has baseball become? America’s game is so deep in a steroid scandal, it begs the question if the integrity of the game will ever be saved. Alex Rodriguez admitted today to using steroids through the 2001-2003 seasons. And while an admission and an apology is a start, his statement comes off as one with very little sincerity.

I heard his interview on ESPN, and while he seemed close to tears, I’m not buying it. He attempts to justify his actions on the basis of the pressure placed on him after signing the largest contract in MLB history. What irked me the most is him stating that he wasn’t sure what substances he was taking. How does an athlete that is worth a quarter of a billion dollars allow substances to get into his body without knowing exactly what it is. In my opinion he’s just lying to keep his statement short and sweet. And while I can understand the pressures and expectations that come along with a contract so lucrative, cheating shouldn’t be the answer.

Rodriguez is widely considered one of, if not the most talented player in the league. And this was obviously the case in his latter years in Seattle, so much so that Texas signed him to the big deal. This is where I have a problem. Why would a player with endless upside, with the record books at the mercy of his bat, risk it all for just that edge. Rodrguez possesses the skills that your average player couldn’t dream of attaining through any steroid. Maybe this is why i feel so let down. While people question A-Rod’s heart, clutch hitting and scrutinize his personal life, he was never suspected of being a cheater. Love him or hate him, I have always been able to appreciate his world class talent. But all of that just went down the drain.

I have a feeling that this news becoming public is what was needed for the MLB to finally start taking it’s steroid problem seriously. Baseball has roots in the base of American culture, and what a shame that one of it’s premier players is nothing but a cheater. America’s national pastime deserves to be played on an even playing field, and stricter penalties for steroids should be implemented. Rodriguez has tarnished his name and image, and all his achievements must now be questioned.

Was A-Rod on the juice for all of his great moments? Probably not, but those 3 years will taint everything. Funny how A-Rod will receive tons of negative press, but no pay cut or suspension. Maybe Michael Phelps should’ve just done steroids and played baseball instead of hitting that bong.

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