Melanie Collins And Scottie Upshall Now Dating

Melanie Collins And Scottie Upshall Now DatingTotal Pro Sports – Bikini Model, NBA TV Host and 10 star ranking WAG Melanie Collins has reportedly been linked to Philadelphia Flyers forward Scottie Upshall.  Upshall was even caught on cameras calling Melanie Collins his girlfriend during interviews.  It was even caught on Melanie’s Facebook profile that she was in the Virgin Islands with Mr. Upshall.

A definite hat trick for this Canadian hockey player, do you think you can do better then this blond bombshell?

“That is pretty much the WAG trifecta. Not only is she making a name for herself via an actual career, there is also jet setting involved with a highly compensated professional athlete. We can only assume there is jewelry, clothes and lavish resort spas involved.” Said J Koot from Busted Coverage

It seems more frequent nowadays that hockey players are dating someone in the public eye.  Mike Fisher is dating Carrie Underwood, Dion Phaneuf is dating Elisha Cuthbert, Jarret Stoll is engaged to Rachel Hunter and Sean Avery has dated everyone on that list and more.

Some puck bunnies in Philadelphia are not happy about Melanie Collins And Scottie Upshall Dating this is what they had to say,

“his girl looks like a drag queen”

“the only guys commenting how good looking she is are old fat men with no lives sitting behind their computer screens down in their mommys basement. My guy friends think she looks like a man and they are very good looking men.”

“all I know is Melanie relaly (SIC) looks like she does steroids, way to much testosterone, she’s not signed with an agency. she’s a wannabe. i mean anybody can do that temple12 thing, as long as you aren’t 200 pounds.”

Either we solute Scottie Upshall and hope he enjoins everything Melanie Collins.

Melanie Collins

Melanie Collins

Good job Kid!!!!!

Headline Picture Via Busted Coverage


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