High Schooler Teddy Guzek Hits 80-Foot Buzzer Beater

High Schooler Teddy Guzek Hits 80-Foot Buzzer BeaterTotal Pro Sports – It seems that High School basketball over the past month or so has brought us some spectacular highlights.  Back in late January we were treated to the Amazing 0.5-Second Tip-In Three-Point Shot and earlier on in that same week a Double Alley-Oop In A High School Game, both spectacular jaw dropping plays.

You thought those plays were amazing!! You have seen nothing yet.

In Indianapolis on Saturday night, Bishop Chatard High School and Broad Ripple High School did battle at Broad Ripple court.  A low scoring affair which was won by the Bishop Chatard Trojans 26-23 brought the world one of the most amazing, sickest, fantastic, spectacular, unbelievable, craziest, jaw dropping, call it what you want plays we have ever witnessed.  Chatard Trojans High Schooler Teddy Guzek ran for the ball before it went out of bounds, to hit a last second turn around 80-Foot buzzer beater, like he owned it.

Words cannot describe this absolutely amazing 80-Foot buzzer beater shot.  Get this kid a scholarship!!!!

Watch Teddy Guzek hit an 80-Foot buzzer beater.

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