LeBron James Runs New York

Lebron JamesTotal Pro Sports- The most historic stadium in the city of New York, or even possibly in the world, is Madison Square Garden. This past week, I was fortunate enough to see LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the New York Knicks. The amount of Cavaliers jerseys I saw was shocking, as the split between Knicks and Cavs fans was about 50/50.  As a die hard Knick fan, this was almost upsetting, as I expected to see more fans of the New York team there to root on a much improved team. So now that we have the back story, let’s get to the game.

LeBron lit it up, and played unbelievable (surprise, surprise). He had 52 points, 9 rebounds (10 that night, but they made a stat error), and 11 assists, including a

Lebron James New York

huge first quarter, where LeBron had 20 points. The Knicks fought hard all game though, and even took the lead about halfway through the fourth quarter. Sure enough though, the Knicks failed to finish the game, and LeBron and the Cavs took the win by 5, 107-102.

The atmosphere in MSG was something I’ll never forget. The fans were going wild for New York and for King James, and it was by far the loudest I have ever heard the Garden. When big stars come to town, many more fans come out to the game to see them. Although I do enjoy seeing the stars like Kobe, LeBron, KG, etc., I just was happy to take in another Knick game.

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