Sorry Chris Bosh, Hello Mo

Mo WilliamsTotal Pro Sports-  It is being reported that Toronto Raptors forward Chris Bosh, will be sitting out this years NBA All-Star game.  Bosh will be missing the game in order to rest his ailing knee, I guess he wants to be healthy so the Raptors have a better chance of trading him.  The fact that Bosh will miss the game means that door is wide open for another player to be named to the team.

Enter Mo Williams, from the Cleveland Cavaliers, who has been named as his replacement.  For me Williams, has been one of the best players in the league this year, and before today’s events, his exclusion from the All-Star game was unacceptable.  He was not named to the Eastern All Star  team when the rosters were first announced and that was snub. Then Jameer Nelson was hurt and it was Ray Allen who was named as his replacement and that was ridiculous.

Finally, Mo has gotten the chance he deserved to play in this years All-Star Game.  I hope that somehow he can win MVP, so David Stern can choke on his popcorn.  Maybe Stern will now realize that the Celtics and the Lakers are not the only teams in the NBA.

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