Brett Favre Retires Again!!!

Brett Favre Retires Again!!!Total Pro Sports – 11 months after retiring the first time, Brett Favre has decided to call it quits for the second time and has told the New York Jets he’s once again retiring from football.

Favre had instructed his agent, James “Bus” Cook, to inform the Jets on Wednesday that he is retiring. The Jets confirmed the retirement in a statement, then discussed it with the media in a conference call.

Favre was expected to speak to the media in a conference call at 6 p.m. ET. Reported

Hmmmmm, I give Favre till training camp to change his mind and decide that he wants to play again. Possibly for another team that he thinks may be a Super Bowl contender.  Brett has to give it up he’s had such an illustrious career if he says he’s gonna retire then he should stick with it.

At the end of every football season we don’t want to hear this same story that Brett Favre is considering retirement. He retires, and then makes this comeback because he says he still has the drive to play.  We think that if he thinks he can still play then do so and stop making this huge show over your retirement.  It’s getting old!!!!

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