Oshawa’s James DeLory Attacks Nathan Moon

Oshawa's James DeLory Attacks Nathan MoonTotal Pro Sports – What’s wrong with some of these young hockey players nowadays??????

This is one of the dumbest most idiotic events in hockey that I can remember since the Marty McSorley slash over Donald Brashears head and the Todd Bertuzzi attacks Steve Moore from behind.  OHL’s Kingston Frontenacts and Pittsburgh Penguins prospect Nathan Moon was viciously attacked from behind the other night by Oshawa Generals James DeLory.

As Moon skated out of the offensive zone, Generals Assistant Captain James DeLory wound up and slashed Moon behind the unprotected part behind his knee (Trust me this hurts, being a former hockey player I took a puck behind the knee once.  The pain was irresistible)  But DeLory was not done there he then jump punched Moon from behind alla-Todd Bertuzzi and skated off the ice soluting the fans proud of his actions.

If you watch the play unfold closely you will see that after Nathan Moon gets hit in the offensive zone, he gets back up and takes a swing with his stick at James DeLory hitting him in the leg.

Both players will be responsible for their actions and suspended for using their hockey sticks as weapons to injure.  Hopefully OHL commissioner David Branch will hand down the needed suspensions because there is no need for this in Hockey.

Via: Deadspin and Puck Daddy

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