David Beckham ‘Blows’ It On The Field

David Beckham Blows NoseTotal Pro Sports – An icon, a role model and a hero to most soccer fans, David Beckham is one of the greatest soccer players to ever step on the pitch.

People all over the world dream of living the David Beckham life; the money, the fame, the talent and a beautiful wife Victoria Beckham.  What else can a person ask for?

Well the perfect David Beckham wasn’t so perfect when his squad AC Milan travelled to face Lazio.  Yes, AC Milan won the game 3-0 but Beckham showed the world that he is a regular person like me and you.  During the Match cameras caught David Beckham blowing his nose (You would think he would be a little more cautious knowing all the cameras would be on him).

This was no ordinary blowing of the nose with a Kleenex.  Beckham did it old school like nobody was watching.  He covered his right nostril with 3 of his fingers and let lose on all the built up snot in the left nostril.  His form was fantastic and the length of the shot was spectacular, definitely not the first time he has done this.   There were no reported injuries on the field from Beckham’s snot.

I wonder if this was just a little thank you to the all Lazio fans in attendance?

Now I can see why women go crazy for David Beckham!!! I guess it’s time to start blowing my nose like Beckham does.

David Beckham Blows Nose

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