Guy Dupuy The Best Dunker In The World

Guy Dupuy The Best Dunker In The WorldTotal Pro Sports – Today we recieved a tip in our inbox about Guy Dupuy known as “The Best Dunker In The World”.  We were a little skeptical about this tip but followed the lead anyway.  With the NBA All Star Jam Competition coming up this weekend we thought it possibly would make a great post.

Guy Dupuy is 6’3 and 21 years old, originally from France now living in Florida, Guy Dupuy is part of an amateur group of dunkers known as Team Flight Brothers.

All we can say about Guy Dupuy after watching some of the film, is that he is amazing and that if he were a part of the NBA Jam or GEICO aka HORSE competition this weekend, his opponents would not stand a chance.

Wouldn’t it be interesting for the NBA to include an amateur in the All Star Weekend events?  But I don’t see this ever happening because the NBA would never let an amateur out perform a professional who’s getting paid to play.

Either way words cannot describe this kids jumping ability, I have never seen something like in my life before.  At 6’3 I never knew a human being could literally jump out of the gym, and I thought Vince Carter’s dunk’s were amazing!!!!

You have to check out the clips of Guy Dupuy, to understand what I’m talking about.  But let me warn you, they are absolutely amazing.  I’m still in awe right now!!!!

Dupuy jumps over others on a street ball court

Table jump and through the legs reverse dunk. Look at the Hang time

Bounce pass/windmill/jump over 3 backs. TO likes it

Out of the basket, behind the back, and back in

Behind the back from the free throw line

Videos Via: [RootZoo]

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