Falcons Shopping Vick, But Who’s Buying?

Michael VickTotal Pro Sports-  The latest news out of Atlanta, is that the Falcons are trying trade Michael Vick.  You remember Vick?  The guy who played running back and sometimes quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons.  You know, the guy who is currently serving a prison term for being the Kingpin of a dog fighting organization.  I guess the Falcons believe there is still a market for this guy, but I don’t.

With regards to Michael Vick, we’ve decided to seek a trade of his contractual rights to another NFL club,” Dimitroff told the website. “We took a number of steps in the 2008 season, including using our first pick to draft a quarterback. We feel a trade is the best move for the Falcons, and it’s also in the best interest of Michael. This has been a really unique situation from a variety of standpoints and because we will actively be involved in a trade situation, I don’t envision our organization speaking any more about this subject publicly until it’s reached a resolution.”(Full Story)

I wouldn’t trade a Ryan Leaf autograph for this guy, never mind a pick or a player.  I doubt that there are many teams in the NFL who would want to take a chance on this guy, but you never know.  If I were a betting man I’d say the Oakland Raiders would be the odds on favorite and the Dallas Cowboys would be a close second.  The owners of both teams tend to look past a players character and focus on their talent.

If he does make it back into the league, i doubt it would be as a full time quarterback.  I think he would be best suited as a full time running back or wild cat “QB”.  I really hope that Vick has learned his lesson and has been humbled by this situation, if not we should feed him to some hungry dogs.

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