D-Wade Wears An American ‘Nelly’ Eye Patch

D-Wade Wears An American \'Nelly\' Eye PatchTotal Pro Sports – Yesterday I was watching the Miami Heat beat the Chicago Bulls 95-93 and I could not help but notice that NBA All Star Dwyane Wade was wearing an American band-aid patch under his left eye.  He reminded me some what of rapper Nelly who first started the trend in early 2000 and used to wear the band-aid under his eye.

Nelly wore the band-aid while his relative was in prison, it was to show his support for him while he was in the slammer. He doesn’t wear it anymore because he’s finally out.  Nelly’s group the St. Lunatics named their album ‘Free City’, because it was to Free City Spud, the rapper (and relative) who appears on ‘ride wit me’ on country grammar.

Now I don’t think any of Dwyane Wade’s relatives or family members are in prison but we can tell you that D-Wade has been going through alot lately.  Back on January 17th it was reported that Dwyane Wade’s Wife Says He Gave Her STD’s and legal papers surfaced on their dirty divorce.

After doing a little more research I could not come up with an answer, so I posed the question to some reputable insiders and online forums.  This is some of the answers I got,

“Warding off the negative pot & sex party publicity?”

“He has a cut on his cheek.”D-Wade Wears An American \'Nelly\' Eye Patch

“He was elbowed? by Howard last game on his cheek and got it split open. I guess he was feeling patriotic instead of wearing the regular band-aid.”

“He has migraines and light is uncomfortable to him at times. Don’t know it that’s why he was wearing an eye patch or not. Could have been ,maybe people weren’t talking about him as much as James and he wanted the attention. He might have felt unloved for a second or two.”

“If I didn’t already know it was an American flag, I would have guessed it was war paint”

“He’s proud to be an America”

There has been no confirmed truth to these answers but if we were to guess we would think that he thanking the American public for the continued support through this tough time.

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