Wayne Rooney Likes To Use Half Price Vouchers

Total Pro Sports – It seems that even a professional soccer player and multimillionaire Wayne Rooney of Manchester United is feeling this rough economic time.

You would think that money would not be an issue for Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen Rooney. At an estimated net worth of £35 million, they both try to live a normal life with all the fame and fortune surrounding them.

This past week Wayne Rooney took his his wife to the Gusto restaurant in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, not far from their home.  Their meal included:

Wayne ate a £5.95 chicken starter followed by a £8.95 spaghetti bolognese. Health conscious Coleen, who is on a fitness drive after putting on half a stone since her wedding to Wayne last year, ate soup at £3.95 followed by a low fat grilled chicken salad costing £8.95.

Hmmmmmmm sounds so good!!!  £30.35 total for their meal, not that bad of a price for what they ate.  If they were looking for a dirt cheap meal they could have gone to McDonald’s bought 2 Big Macs Combos for under $13 total and both went home with stomach pains.

After their meal was done Wayne paid the bill and handed the server a 50% food discount coupon.

“They are regulars there. It’s very near their home and they often go there for dinner. Gusto had a promotion for half-price food.  They came into the restaurant with one of the vouchers and when Wayne came to pay he handed it over. The waitress thought it was really sweet. They may be mega rich but it shows that, in many ways, they are just a normal down-to-earth couple.”

Wayne did however leave a very generous tip of £5—around 30 per cent of the total bill.

I guess it doesn’t matter how much money (£35 million) you have in this economy, “A penny saved is a penny earned” for the Rooney’s.  Next time the Rooney’s will have to bring their piggy bank because Gusto Restaurant has ended their 50% off discount.

Via: News Of The World

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