Rudy Fernandez Was Robbed At The Slam Dunk Competition

Rudy Fernandez Dunk ContestTotal Pro Sports-  He can’t jump over a 7 foot player, he doesn’t wear a cape or use stupid props, he simply throws down awesome dunks.

His name is Rudy Fernandez, he plays for the Portland Trailblazers and he got screwed bad in this years NBA Slam Dunk contest.  In what was one of the worst judged contests I have ever seen, Rudy received the lowest scores for both of his dunks, when he should have been among the leaders.

I don’t know if David Stern was greasing the pockets of the judges, or they just didn’t like this guy because he is from Europe, but the fix was in.  Dwight Howard, who won the competition last year, used every gimmick imaginable to make it to the finals.  He also attempted his first dunk a handful of times before he got it, while Rudy on the other hand, needed only one attempt to complete both his dunks. Howard used a cape, another basket, a forklift and a telephone booth to complete his dunks and all Fernandez needed was a ball.

I thought the dunk contest was about Slam Dunks and not about props and jumping off other peoples backs.  Next year they should just use trampolines and let the contest be open to everyone in America.  I used to like watching it, now I would rather watch re-runs of dancing with the stars, because at least I know they won’t be using props.

David Stern, you should be ashamed of yourself for putting that garbage on T.V. and ruining the once great contest.  I think you owe an apology to Rudy Fernandez.

To Rudy, I feel really bad that you had to be embarrassed like that, maybe next year you could wear a stupid costume and use a bunch of dumb props and you might have a shot.

By the way, Nate Robinson was the winner, but who really cares.

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