Shaq Dances With The Jabbawockeez At The NBA All Star Game

Shaq Dances With The Jabberwockees At The NBA All Star GameTotal Pro Sports – Shaq is officially my new favorite player and break dancer!

If you missed the introductions at this years NBA All Star game you need to watch the replay later tonight on Sports Center, because you missed something special.

At this years NBA All Star Game in Phoenix, Arizona if you didn’t expect someone in the pre-game introductions to put on a show, you were wrong.  For some reason we had this funny feeling that Shaquille O’Neal of the Phoenix Suns was going to do something special for his hometown fans.

Boy we weren’t wrong!

Shaq came out with the masked dance crew called the Jabberwockees, after all the Eastern and the Western Conference reserves were announced and danced with them.  We have to say if he wasn’t over 7 feet tall you would never have know that he wasn’t a part of the dance crew.

Shaq was amazing.

Maybe now instead of becoming a Police Chief when he retires he will consider becoming a professional break dancer.

Shaq Dancing With The Jabberwockees

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