Michael Phelps Will Not Be Charged For Smoking Dope

Michael Phelps Will Not Be Charged For Smoking DopeTotal Pro Sports – A South Carolina sheriff has confirmed that Olympic Medalist Michael Phelps will not be charged for smoking out of a pipe at a University of South Carolina party. Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott made his decision on Monday, months after the pictures were released.

Phelps said that this incident was a result of bad judgment and that he will learn from this mistake. He has been suspended buy USA Swimming for 3 months and dropped the Kellogg Co. said that it would not renew its endorsement deal with him.

It would be nieve for any of us to believe that Michael Phelps will not continue to party the way he did that night but we are sure he will be more careful of his actions and the people he is hanging around. In today’s society people are more than willing to sabotage an athletes career, with the ability that technology gives us, Phelps should have been more aware of his surroundings.

Maybe next time he won’t be a dope.

You Win This Round, Michael Phelps – [Deadspin]

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