Adam Voges Has Great Hands

Adam Voges CatchTotal Pro Sports-  Finally the Sport of Cricket has given us a highlight worth putting on TPS.  I’m sure that Cricket has many highlights on a daily basis, but very few ever make to North American viewers.  This one is different, as many people are referring to it as one the greatest cricket catches of all time.

Adam Voges, plays for team Australia and in a recent match against New Zealand he made the fantastic play.

“Voges, fielding at long on, took the ball on the boundary but lost his balance and was about to fall over the rope to concede a six. But in a remarkable piece of quick thinking and composure, he threw the ball in the air as he tumbled over the rope and rose quickly to his feet to re-enter the playing field.” (Full Story)

See the great catch here, if only this play was allowed in American football.

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