Alex Ovechkin Likes To Drink And Score

Alexander Ovechkin DrunkTotal Pro Sports – Alex Ovechkin Likes To Drink And Score.  Yes, we mean drink alcohol and no we don’t mean score drugs.

Thanks to a tip sent to us by BDON, who reported that Alexander Ovechkin while at an autograph signing at Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant in Toronto, seemed to be a little intoxicated.

“As I went over to the table where Alex Ovechkin was seated, I began to speak with O.V., a smell of alcohol hit me in the face.  I did a double take and wondered why he smelled like booze.”

Ovechkin also slurred couple of his words, but this was normal for him because his first language is Russian.  I also considered that maybe he had a candy in his mouth that smells like alcohol, but I could not see anything visible while I was speaking with him” Said BDON

I’m sure the Washington Capitals are thrilled that Ovechkin represents the team so well in public.  Regardless if he was drunk or not Alex Ovechkin is again having a spectacular season leading the league in goals with 41 and is second in the NHL in points with 74.  Alex is second just 8 points behind his Russian counterpart Evgeni Malkin for the league lead.

We have yet to confirm if Alex was actually intoxicated. Alex Ovechkin is on pace for 59 goals and 106 points this season, if this is the way he prepares for a game then by all means keep on drinking kid!

If you were the coach of the Capitals would you change your star players routine?  I don’t think so.

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