Carrie Underwood Likes To Date ‘Thugs’

carrie underwoodTotal Pro Sports –  According to Don Cherry, Carrie Underwood’s boyfriend Mike Fisher is a thug!!!!

“Leave it to Don Cherry to associate car theft and National Hockey League players with one another.   On CBC, Don Cherry (Coaches Corner) had some harsh words for the last place Ottawa Senators and Tampa Bay Lightning.  Cherry basically told all of Canada what he thinks about how hockey players should dress while going to the rink.”

“That night the Ottawa Senators were facing the Tampa Bay Lightning when Mike Fisher of Senators and Andrei Meszaros of the Lightning were walking into the rink wearing tuques, un-tucked shirts and no ties.  This is pretty concerning considering other leagues like the NBA enforce a strict dress code, more than the NHL does.”

It’s not surprising that Don Cherry had this to say about these two last place teams.  Fans, especially the young ones look up to these players as are role models and the least thing they should do is dress appropriately.  Considering they are making millions of dollars for playing in the NHL, there is really no excuse.

“Don Cherry called them thugs and they looked capable of stealing the hub caps off your car.  If don_says_your_a_thugthis is the case, I’ll be sure to take public transportation to the rink next time I watch either of these teams play and I’m sure Don would urge you to as well.”

Just a word of advice to Carrie Underwood, make sure you have no vehicles that have expensive rims because Mike Fisher may steal them from you.

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