Jarron Gilbert Can Jump Out Of A Pool

Total Pro Sports – San Jose State’s Jarron Gilbert is a freak of nature!

Jarron Gilbert is a 6′5″ 287 lbs. DE out of San Jose State, who is projected in some mocks as a late 2nd to early third round pick in the upcoming 2009 NFL Draft.

He can squat 635 pounds and dead-lift 655 pounds (almost half of what I can do) and yes he can jump out of a water filled pool with his shoulders and head submerged.  This may look like an easy task but we suggest you try this before you make a comment.  With the ledge of the pool almost 4 feet high and the water pressure holding you down, this task is much harder than it really looks.

Jarron Gilbert created this video to hopefully increase his draft value, we think this may have put him over the top.  Eugene Monroe, can you jump out of the pool??????

The Newest NFL Combine Event: Reverse Pool Jumping – [Deadspin]

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