Breaking News: Friend of Kovalev Says He’s DONE As A Hab!

Total Pro Sports – Breaking news out of TSN states that Alexei Kovalev has had enough with Montreal.  Reports indicate that the present (and soon to be former) Hab has told a close friend that he has played his last game as a Canadien this season and does not have any intentions of resigning with the team.  He expects himself to be moved in the near future.

This has all resulted from his well known dismissal by GM Bob Gainey a couple days ago. Supposedly, Kovalev is not happy with these actions and feels that the problems revolving around the Canadiens have nothing to do with himself.  Instead, he has pointed the finger at some of the younger members of the Canadiens and their antics off the ice.

This story continues to get more interesting as it goes along.  It makes the Habs final playoff push more intriguing and also adds another high level player to the trade speculation surrounding the final few weeks until the deadline.  Its difficult to say who will go after Kovalev, but how about these as a few possibilities:

  • Pittsburgh Penguins: They are looking for some more scoring up front and Kovalev can definitely fill that void.  An excellent way to take some heat off Crosby and Malkin.  Could send someone like Whitney the other way.
  • New York Rangers:  Another former team of Kovalev’s, he can be just what they seemed to be missing when they lost Jagr.

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