Canadiens Goalie Carey Price Loves To Party

Carey Price PartyTotal Pro Sports –  That’s right Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price loves to party, but he doesn’t just like to party. he likes to party hard!!!!

Pictures have surfaced on the net depicting Carey Price and other Montreal Canadiens players smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.  This is the actually the picture that we truly enjoy the most that is the one with Carey Price smoking 3 cigarettes at once.

“They feature several young Montreal Canadiens players in what you would have to call an unflattering light. Even Ivy Leaguer Christopher Higgins makes an appearance or two.

The player who crops up most often, however, is Carey Price. There are various photos of Price with a drink in his hand, in the company of various attractive young women. There is Price apparently chugging a beer. There he is smoking a cigarette.” []

With the recent downward spiral of the Montreal Canadiens the team had to expect something to blow up regarding one of their star young players (Carey Price).  Even though these pictures were taken during the players off season, the media is trying to use them on the Habs losing problems.

The last time the Canadiens were in Toronto on a Saturday night, Carey Price and some of his teammates were spotted at Muzic Night Club partying.  I unfortunately did not have my phone with me to snap some pictures.  But on any random Saturday night in Toronto you can expect to see athletes partying at Muzic.  So far we have seen the Chicago Blackhawks, the Raptors, and the Montreal Canadiens.

Remember Carey Price is just 21, what were you doing at 21?  The role that he plays with the Canadiens is alot to handle, the media has to ease up a bit and give the kid some growing room.  Mark my words Carey Price will be a star in NHL one day!, after he quits smoking.

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