Larry Johnson is Pretty In Pink

Larry Johnson Pretty In PinkTotal Pro Sports – After reading that Larry Johnson Goes Chasing Old Waterfalls To Brighten His Dark Days, we noticed something we thought was pretty odd in the photo.

It wasn’t that Larry Johnson is now dating 37 year old TLC member “Chili” (renowned for dating professional athletes), it wasn’t the combination of his brown leather jacket and his army cargo pants, it was the florescent pink watch that he was flaunting on his left wrist in the photo.

It seems as if he went to his jeweler (Probably Jacob the Jeweler) and asked him to pimp out a girls Timex watch with diamonds covering the face.  I don’t know what he was thinking but I hope he bought the watch for Chili and she just asked him to wear it because she was afraid she might get it stolen.

Larry Johnson Pretty In Pink Watch

Larry Johnson still isn’t sure which roster he will be on next year but we can assure you that he is going to get an earful for this recent fashion statement.

Photo Via: [SandraRose]

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