The Worlds Greatest College Basketball Buzzer Beater

Total Pro Sports – If you thought High Schooler Teddy Guzek’s 80-Foot Buzzer Beater was amazing, then you have seen nothing yet.

This NCAA College Basketball Division III Buzzer Beater took place 4 years ago on January 31st, 2005 and was brought today to our attention today.  The game saw Guilford College face off against Randolph-Macon College.

The 2 teams are tied with just a fraction (0.06) of a second left on the clock in overtime. The Randolph Macon player is at the free throw line and sinks 1 out of 2 free throw’s to take the lead 89-88. A Guilford College player rebounds the missed second free throw and gets a shot off just milliseconds before the buzzer sounds.  Can you guess what happened next????

You got it, the hero Jordan Snipes makes an amazing millisecond Buzzer Beater, resulting in one of the greatest moments in NCAA sports history.

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