Would You Spend A Night In Chyna?

Another Night In ChynaTotal Pro Sports- Former WWE Diva and Playboy playmate Jonie “Chyna” Laurer, is set to release the much anticipated sequel to her first film, “A Night In Chyna”.  This one is called “Another Night In Chyna”, and is slated to be released on March 3rd, I don’t think you can find this gem at blockbuster.  According to the company which is releasing the “film”, the last one was a smashing success.

“Joanie is a huge celebrity that crosses many markets,” said David Joseph, president of Red Light District. “The first movie continues to sell extremely well and the prospect of selling another one was a no-brainer.”

Red Light’s One Night in China broke sales records for the studio and was named Top Selling Release of the Year by AVN in 2006. Another Night in Chyna showcases the handsome wrestling champ in over an hour of exclusive never-before-seen hardcore footage.” [PWMania]

Mr. Joseph is correct, Chyna is a huge, is she a celebrity? sort of. The fact that her last video was the top selling release of 2006, really shocks me.  I guess there is a market for his/her stuff and who am I to judge.  I have never really been attracted to women who can bench press a car and could squish me to death with her thighs, but thats just me.

The one thing that is certain is that I would not want to spend a 2 hour lay over in Chyna, never mind spending the whole night.

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