Zach Randolph Throws A Left Hook

Zach Randolph Throws A Left HookTotal Pro Sports –  In last nights game which saw the Los Angeles Clippers take on the Phoenix Suns, Zach Randolph showed the world that he can do more on the court then just score points.

After knocking down Louis Amundson with a left elbow, Randolph starred down at him for a couple of seconds.  As Amundson jumped up and got in Randolph’s face, the Clips forward threw a left hook.  Zach Randolph wants the world to know that the left hook was merely his way of pushing Amundson away:

“He hopped up and got in my face and almost kissed me in my mouth,” Randolph said. “I just pushed him out of my face.

“If I would have hit him, he wouldn’t have got up off the ground,” said Randolph, who is almost certain to be suspended.

Said Amundson: “I was getting in his face, but I wasn’t trying to kiss him.” [SportingNews]

You can bet the underground in New York City is upset that he was traded, because a bookie could have definitely used his services as a collector.

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