“Chris Paul Does What He Wants And The Ladies Love It!”

Total Pro Sports – It seemed like just another day at the office for Chris Paul last night.  As usual he put up one of his impressive across the the board stat lines with 36 points, 10 assists, 6 rebounds, 3 steals and even one blocked shot.  This is a pretty ordinary game these days for Paul but what was even more impressive was the manner in which he did it.  Not only was he cutting through the lane and crossing all over the magic players, but he even found time to trash talk Superman himself, Dwight Howard, after a rainbow shot over his attempted block.

We have gotten use to the usual sequence of Lebron, Kobe and Howard highlights, but how about Paul.  He has been getting alot of recognition over the past few seasons and more and more fans have noticed his incredibly high talent level and crazy stats, but sometimes you don’t even realize just how great he is until you actually watch him perform on the floor.  All i know is hes got my attention and because of Chris Paul, the Hornets are now at the top of my watch list.

If you think any different just watch these highlights from last night, and pay close attention to the part when he skies one over Howard then trash talks him down the floor.  He was probably telling him “forget Nate.  I’m your real kryptonite”.  Or maybe he was just telling Howard that he’s lucky he didn’t jam on him like he did in the past.

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