Colorado State Football Players Harass Swimmer In Shower

Colorado State Football Players Harass Swimmer In ShowerTotal Pro Sports – Hazing or initiation run rampant in sports and is a common everyday tradition initiating new players into a brotherhood (team).

Sometimes these initiations go a little to far and because this is a PG rated site we cannot talk about them.  But from first hand experience I can tell you that when I was a rookie on a hockey team I was initiated and I did the same to other rookies on our team when I was a senior.

Most of the time these initiations don’t get published or broadcast, but today it has been reported that a Colorado State swimmer was initiated by 4 Colorado State football players and has written a letter to the Dean stating his disgust and his humiliation.

Dear Dean _________,

I choose to be anonymous, but I can tell you that I am a Junior here at ________ State University. I am writing you because I have a complaint regarding a lack of safety in the men’s locker room at the on campus fitness center.

The behavior of certain individuals has left me hesitant to even enter the dressing rooms and showering area.

Last Wednesday I was working out in the fitness center at my usual time, which is around  the early afternoon. I did all the things that I do in terms of lifting weights, and then headed to the locker room to change into some swimming shorts. The plan was to hop into the pool for some laps. It was then that the trouble started.

I entered the changing room. It was pretty empty. I turned in to my isle to find four guys of huge stature hovered around my locker. The locker was open and I could see my book bag, which held my street clothes and swimming trunks, was out on the sitting bench. Perhaps the whole thing could have been avoided if I had padlocked the locker, but there was nothing of value in the bag, so I thought it would be safe. I thought wrong.

I walked towards the group of guys and that’s when they took notice of me. I asked them why they were going through my bag, and one of them quickly replied, “This ain’t your bag. It’s my bag.” It wasn’t his bag. My textbooks were in plain sight and I could see my clothes. I could also see that they had been going through the pockets thoroughly. I’m guessing they were trying to steal stuff.

I once again told the guys that this was my bag. One of them stepped towards me and raised a fist. He told me, and I remember this very clearly, “Get the fuck out of here before I whoop your punk ass.” It was then that another student entered the isle. The four guys quickly bowed their heads and walked the opposite way out of the isle, leaving my bag. I checked the bag and nothing except a few emergency dollars I keep in one of the side pockets had been taken. I was obviously upset, but considered the situation done. I put on my swim trunks and headed out to the pool, but with my backpack. After a half hour swim, I called it quits and headed to the shower.

Calling it quits should have meant going home, not going to the pool for a swim.  Did you think these football players were scared?  Did you think they would leave?

While in the shower, I had something thrown at me. It was a waded up wet cluster of toilet paper. It wasn’t until later that I realized that it was wet because it was soaked in urine. Right after it was thrown at me, I spun around to see two of the guys from before standing in the entrance of the shower room. They stood laughing at me for a second, and then one of them said, “Thought you were safe, didn’t you, you little bitch?” Then the other guy told me to watch my back and not say shit to anyone. After that they left.

This is pretty standard but to have a urine soaked roll of toilet paper thrown at you is nothing.  I have witnessed seniors urinating on rookies.  Which do you think is worse?

So as I said before, I am now kind of reluctant to even step into the athletic center for fear that I might run into these guys again. I’m guessing that I’m not the only one that has had problems with this sort of thing. There are probably dozens of students that have been harassed by these bastards.

I am almost 100% certain that the people in question who have harassed me are members of the football team. I say this because all of them were wearing ________ State Football shirts with a number on the back. Judging by their sizes, I’d say they were linemen. Offensive or defensive I don’t know. I’m not going to get tell you if they were white or black because I don’t want this to be a racial thing.

I guess these football players didn’t care if they got noticed.  It would have been funny if they have their T-Shirt jerseys on with their last name on the back.

Obviously these four people are to blame for what happened, but I also point a finger at the administration of this school.  I pay the $21,000.00 out of state annual tuition to attend this university, and what do I get in return? I get stuff stolen from me and I get a urine-soaked wad of paper thrown at me while being threatened by a group of athletic thugs that you probably sought out to come to this school. Great job to whoever scouted these guys. Did he find them in the local penitentiary? And for that matter, our football team has stunk to high hell ever since I have been here. Last year we were 7-6, which is a pathetic record in the Mountain West.

I suggest you look into this matter before this group of football gangsters hurts someone. And if I may offer you some recruiting advice for future years; if you are going to fill our football team roster with shit athletes that are dumb and slow, perhaps you should make sure that they aren’t also criminals.

P.S. If anything like this ever happens to me again again, and you’d better pray that it doesn’t, I’ll press criminal charges against the players and file a lawsuit against the school for negligence and on-campus duress to my person.

Thank You for Your Time,


Don’t you find it funny that this is coming from a swimmer?  You would never hear this from a football, basketball or hockey player.  We say grow some wall nuts kid, this happens everyday and you should be happy that a urine soaked roll of toilet paper was just thrown at you.

Hat Tip: Locker Room Horror Stories: Here’s Swim Guy And The Urine-Soaked Wad Of Toilet Paper [Deadspin]

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