Manny Ramirez Prepares For The Baseball Season

Manny Ramirez Parites in Costa RicaTotal Pro Sports – You would think that Manny Ramirez would be in Arizona preparing for the upcoming baseball season.  But again, Manny is just being Manny and has decided to take some time away from it all and lounge by the pool with some beautiful women in Costa Rica.

“I work on a research vessel in Costa Rica – yesterday while taking a tour we stopped by Villa Calderas which is by the city Jaco in Costa Rica ( 500 a dollar night place – we just stopped by for a drink and to watch the sunset ).”

“Who do we see in the pool – A Mr. Manny who I thought was to be in Arizona for spring training with the Dodgers. When we asked for maybe a picture, a short white man came up to us saying he was trying to relax ( having female company with him ) and was not excepting any photo’s. I guess it didn’t help that one of us was wearing a Red Sox shirt.” [Baseball Musings]

I guess when you have money and your name is Manny Ramirez you can pretty much do what you want!!!

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