Damon and Nady May Need Some of Your Money!

Total Pro Sports- It isn’t just your average joe who is affected by the many corporate scandals that we see in America.  You can add Yankee stars Johnny Damon and Xavier Nady to that list.  Ken Rosenthal of foxsports has reported that both individuals are feeling the pain of the Stanford Financial Group scandal.  The finances of both Damon and Nady have been frozen because of money they have with the Stanford company.

This is a problem to Damon as he was expecting to pay his off season trainer or other bills that he wished to take care of.  As stated on foxsports, Damon had the following to say:

“I can’t pay bills right now.  That started on Tuesday. I had to pay a trainer for working out during the offseason. I told him, ‘Just hold on for a little bit and hopefully all this stuff gets resolved.”

Nady has similar concerns as he looks to purchase an apartment in New York.

“I’m affected in some ways. I have the same (advisor) as Johnny.  He said I didn’t have money with Stanford (investments). But all my credit card accounts are frozen right now because of that situation. I’m trying to get an apartment in New York. I can’t put a credit card down to hold it.”

This is unfortunate for the two superstars.  Lets just hope that other baseball players don’t have similar problems that may interfere with their steroid purchases

Stanford scandal ensnares Yankees’ Damon, Nady – [FOXSports]

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