Is Sin City In Need Of An Image Makeover?

Total Pro Sports – During the current economic crisis many companies and cities are being hit harder than ever.  Las Vegas is no exception, but their problems go beyond the lack of money individuals and companies have to spend on vacation getaways.

Instead, the problem which “the city that does not sleep” is facing is one regarding their image.  With companies struggling to stay afloat, everyone is trying to get their hands on some of the ever so popular bailout money.  Unfortunately President Obama and other top government officials are not willing to spend it on Vegas vacations.  The President even questioned the motives of companies planing to fly off to Vegas while taxpayers help cover the bill.

This has resulted in several companies canceling meeting in Sin City that are said to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars each.  During a town hall meeting in Indiana, President Obama had the following to say:

“You can’t get corporate jets, you can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayer’s dime.”

This hasn’t been accepted favorably by Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman.  He voiced his displeasure with the messages that congress was sending companies in an effort to prevent them from visiting his city.

“It’s necessary, for us to thrive in this community, that folks come here and realize that this is not some stepchild.  This is a very important place for people to conduct very important business.” [MSNBC]

This brings up an interesting debate on an issue that is bound to continue to receive more attention.  Tourism and spending can be beneficial to the economy and failure to endorse such actions can be quite damaging, but how do tax payers feel about their hard earned money being spent by wealthy corporate executives who want to go to Vegas, talk some business, party the rest of the time.  I think this is one that the people should decide, but unfortunately they only do that kind of stuff in democratic countries.

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