Garnett Injures Knee Against Utah

KGTotal Pro Sports – Eastern Conference leading Boston Celtics will be without their superstar Kevin Garnett for an extended period of time. Garnett injured the knee will going up for an uncontested alley-oop in Thursday nights game against the Utah Jazz. The Celtics lost the game but their worries are much more serious if the injury turns out to be worse than expected.

Garnett is scheduled to return to Boston to be further examined by team doctors, his right knee strain is expected to be checked by Dr. Brian McKean. Garnett was not in tremendous pain on Friday, but will be examined for cautionary reasons.

The injury reminds me of the one that Chris Webber had in the post season for the Sacramento Kings. It was a familiar play that resulted in knee surgery and Webber was never able to regain his ability to elevate. We hope that this is only minor and that Garnett will be able to rejoin the team.

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