The Canadiens’ Kostitsyn Brothers Involved In An Investigation Surrounding Organized Crime

The Canadiens\' Kostitsyn Brothers Involved In An Investigation Surrounding Organized CrimeTotal Pro Sports – Can things get any worse for the Montreal Canadiens?

It all started on the ice when news surfaced that goalie Carey Price is in a slump because he parties on his nights off.  Then came the news that Alexei Kovalev reported through a friend he was done as a Hab. And now the ice breaker of them all comes off the ice involving the Kostitsyn Brothers and Roman Hamrlik who have been linked and spotted with organized crime figure Pasquale Mangiola.

“According to the police force, Mangiola was an intermediary between three criminal gangs targeted in the Axe project.  The gang of street of Blue, the gang of Syndicate and the criminal group of the brothers Lavertue, present in the south-west of Montreal. All these groups are with the pay of Hells Angels.”

“Pasquale Mangiola is suspected of acting in the name of the imprisoned chief of Syndicate, Dany Junior-Sprince.”

During the investigation police discovered that Pasquale Mangiola was a big hockey fan and developed a friendship with the two brothers and Roman Hamrlik.  Wire tap records show that Mangiola spoke with Sergei and Andrei Kostitsyn several times a week.

“According to our sources, Mangiola played a big role in the life of the two. He had taken the Kostitsyn brothers under his wing, guiding them in the risks of their life as new arrivals in Montreal, advising them to find housing and cars. Mangiola had also access to the statements of credit cards of the two players. Who made purchases for them. And, of course, he discussed passionately questions connected to the Canadiens and to the play of the two forwards.” []

Kostitysyn BrothersPasquale Mangiola was a father figure to the Kostitsyn Brothers, who often called on him when they needed alcohol, club access, luxury cars and women.  But what other things did Mangiola provide to the Kostitsyn Brothers that hasn’t been has yet to be reported?

The Montreal Canadiens had this to say, “Nous ne sommes pas au courant d’une telle association” (not during the course of such a association)

“Each year, the police force of Montreal meets the players of the Canadiens to warn them against the dangers outside the hockey rink. These dangers go from drug to the criminalized individuals.”

On a positive note it has been reported that the Kostitsyn Brothers have been suspected of no criminal activity.  These distractions are a telling story why the Montreal Canadiens have been struggling over the past month.  What will come next?  That’s anyones guess.

**Note the quotes have been translated from an French article via Yahoo