Mike Green Donates His Stick To The Hall Of Fame

Total Pro Sports – After declining the NHL’s first request to donate his hockey stick after setting a record by a defenseman scoring in 8 consecutive games. Mike Green has changed his mind and has donated the hockey stick to the Hall.

Mike Green at first was little hesitant to donate the stick because he had scored 10 goals in 8 games with the it. Being a real superstitious person myself, it would be tough to let the stick go if I were Mike Green.  I never washed my hockey undergarments for 3 years because we won 3 consecutive City Championships (And yes they did smell).

“Green had been reluctant to part with the stick, calling it the best one he’s ever used. It accounted for all 10 goals in his eight-game spree, including the record-breaker in the second period of Saturday night’s 5-1 win over Tampa Bay.”

“The Hall of Fame asked for the stick shortly after the record-setting game, but Green said no. He instead contemplated donating something else from the game – perhaps his gloves – so that he could hold on to the stick.”

We think it was a good choice by Mike to give his stick to the Hall Of Fame, atleast now fans can relive the record by visiting this exhibit at the Hockey Hall Fame for decades to come.

Green changes mind, donates stick to Hall of Fame – [TheBuffaloNews]

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