Sundin Set To Make Return To Toronto

Sundin Set To Make Return To TorontoTotal Pro Sports – For the first time in about a year Mats Sundin will be back in Toronto, but for the first time in 13 years he will be playing against the Maple Leafs. He was the heart and and soul of the franchise for many years and dawned the “C” for 10 years. It will be disappointing to see if Torontonians do not give this man a standing ovation, he stuck around through good and bad times, gave 100% effort every game and exemplified leadership at its highest level.

The Leafs all-time leader in goals (420) and points (987), Sundin did all he could for the franchise except bring a Stanley Cup to Toronto. His achievements are undeniable and now we will wait to see if Maple Leaf fans feel the same way when he hits the ice this evening.

Sundin is trying to play off the hype saying it is just another game and that the team is in the heat of a tight playoff race. Sundin had this to say,

“I can’t worry about what’s going to go on around the rink or before or after the game,” and, “I’ll go out and once the puck drops it’s a hockey game like any other. We’re in a race to earn a playoff spot and get into a good position for the playoffs, so that’s all I’m going to worry about.”

We are not buying the story that this is just another game, there is much more meaning to it. He has spent nearly his entire career in Toronto, had  the fans support, called Toronto home and was an icon in the city. Even though Sundin claims that it is just another hockey game, and even if he fails to show his emotions on the exterior be assured that he will take it all in on the inside.

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