The Curious Case Of Pat White

pat_white_Total Pro Sports-  Former West Virginia quarterback Pat White may have increased his draft stock because of his 40 yard dash time at the NFL combine.  White ran the 40 in 4.5 seconds, which is a great time for a QB and solid time for a wide receiver.  Many people are suggesting that White will be drafted as a Kordel Stewart type player.  In today’s NFL there is a place for players with Whites dual-threat ability.

He was great as a college QB over the last couple of years, but it seems that he lacks the size to compete at the next level.  Thanks to innovative new offenses such as the Wildcat, I feel that White will have a place in the league.  I have always liked watching him play at West Virginia and I hope he has a great career as a pro.  His effectiveness as an NFL player could hinge on which team picks him up in the draft.  Lets take a look at the best possible scenarios for White:

Miami Dolphins: The originators of the Wildcat offense would be the best fit for this guy.  They are also very thin at receiver, which could make White even more appealing.  Having White, Ronnie Brown, and Chad Pennington all on the field at the same time could be great for this young team.

Houston Texans: The Texans have Steve Slaton, White’s former Virginia teammate, a reunion of these two players could work in the NFL.  Also some help for Andre Johnson is needed in the Texans offense.  I like Owen Daniels and Kevin Walter, however the presence of White could take the offense to the next level.

Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals could potentially lose both T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Chad Johnson this year, so why not take a chance on this guy.

Chicago Bears: Another team with a serious lack of depth at the receiver position.  Besides if they draft him he could probably be the starting QB on this team because Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman stink.

Detroit Lions: Why not?

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